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Jungle Housing has seen an opportunity of creating jobs while housing the large forgotten Kenyan low income populace who need cheap and decent houses. Jungle Housing provides cheap supply of the big 5 in construction: - cut-stone or bricks, ballast, sand, cement and steel bars.

Jungle Housing has been a big opportunity of creating jobs while housing the large forgotten Kenya low income populace, who want cheap and decent houses. We are using interlocking blocks, a technology from South Africa where bricks are made using a mixture of quality dust, red soil and small percentage of cement in an hydroponic machine. With just sufficient water, the mixture is compressed to produce beautiful bricks which require no mortar to join since they are all interlocking.

We have recruited contractors who hire 15 workers approximately per house. It is our vision to have 50 houses being constructed concurrently, thus engaging approximately 750 workers in direct employment and several others indirectly since we are using almost 97% local products.

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